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Online training 2021

As a natural consequence of the Covid-19 situation, indoor training facilities has been shut down. 

To compensate, I offer 1:1 private training sessions via Zoom:

  • Pole dance technique (level: Beginners, Intermediate)   
    - Have a 60 minutes session, filled with explained technique, tricks & small combo’s. My focus is, to correct and refine your technique, teach you new skills and merge these, until they become part of your flow. Home pole is required.
    * Please note: Advanced level is on hold, as safety is a must.
    1 session = 250 DKK / 34 €
  • Floor transitions
    Feeling clumsy? Stepping left when choreo says right? Never have enough time during regular classes to understand the basics? Well – you are not alone. Even before the lockdown, I have been offering this class as a private studio session. The class is the most popular among my clients.
    Due to the high demand, I’m now offering it straight into your livingroom via Zoom. Key words for this class are: Beautiful hands, lines, rolls & stands, flowability, tempo, spine work and most importantly: mastering the basics of the heels style.  Home pole is required.
    * All levels welcome
    1 session = 250 DKK / 34 €
  • Flow & Floorwork
    Clear your floor space, and get ready to flow. We will work on skills such as rolling, crawling and sliding. We will focus on contact points, balance – and how to loose it, musicality, movement patterns and how to change them Small take-home choreo’s for each class – it’s yours to keep.
    No pole needed, just floor and knee protection.
    1 session = 250 DKK / 34 €
  • Flexibility
    Need a (new) stretching regime? New inspiration or motivation? Understanding of how your body works?
    This class is for you. A 60 minute workout of active and passive stretches and strengthening exercises, to target a specific area of your choice. Some clients, especially the ones new to stretching, like to book this as 3 or 5 sessions package, to have feedback and corrections nearby. More experienced clients are often happy to just book it as a single class, to up their game or boost their stretching mood.
    Whatever level you’re at, I’ll be happy to help. Let’s get to work!
    1 session = 200 DKK / 27 €
    3 sessions package = 500 DKK / 67 €
    5 sessions package = 850 DKK / 114 € 


Booking : / tlf. 31100797 




Aerial Art CVR: 34820961